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Fortunately, as a parent, there are ways that you can use to protect your kids from internet predators and cyber bullying to avoid damage to your child.

Although there are sources that claim to allow a person to obtain much of this information on their own, it is highly discouraged against. One reason that this is not recommended is because when it comes to the issue of cyber stalking, many of these other methods are often ineffective.

The mother’s sensitivity, evidenced by her prompt and appropriate responses to her baby’s signals of need and distress, as we will as his social cues, is primary in establishing a healthy attachment. Important are both the quality and the quantity of time spent in interaction between mother and child, the pleasure both receive from spending time together, as we will as the extent to which the mothers interventions and responses take into account the baby’s schedule of eating and sleeping. Finally, mothers who are preoccupied with other activities, anxieties, and grief are generally not as sensitive to their childrens needs, which hinder the attachment process. (Ainsworth, 1967). While the critical time for a secure attachment to occur is typically thought to be within the first four years of a child’s life, pre-birth variants are also considered Important. Although, it has long been known that toxic substances affect the developing infant, many fail to recognize the sensitivity of the unborn child to the emotional experiences of the mother during pregnancy.


Unfortunately, young children have been the prey of a good many mentally ill individuals in this world. Their pattern is to seek out children in friendship only to pounce upon them when the child lets down its guard in learning to trust the stranger. You must first accept that there is indeed a problem as well as accepting that there may be someone who is a predator of your family.

Yes, in a perfect world, this would be amazing. Unfortunately, a “perfect world” is not one in which we live. As a result, there are consequences when we let our guards down at the wrong times; using the internet is one of those times when putting one’s guard down can lead to a catastrophic event.

In some instances people who become the victims of cyber stalkers attempt to uncover this information on their own through websites which claim to be able to get this data instantly. These websites are not very effective for this process and often produce completely inaccurate results. The best thing to do is turn to a professional who is skilled to perform a proper reverse email look-up in order to get the best results. The average amount of time needed to conduct an investigation of this sort is anywhere from 24 hours to 14 days.

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