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No form of protection of herpes is absolute, and there is no sure way to know who has the disease, even after a close inspection. As many as one out of six of the general population may from time to time be asymptomatic shedders of the herpes virus. Doctors have little advice about how to avoid herpes. Though nothing is foolproof, it is best for the man to use a condom. A spermicide may also be helpful. In addition, sex partners should be known well enough to be trusted, and it should be borne in mind that oral sex is a contributing factor.

Get a good look at the prospective sex partner with all the lights on. If there are any sores or discharge, it’s time to put your clothes back on and find another partner. Herpes viruses can live on towels for up to seventy two hours and on toilet seats for at least four hours. The elusive nature of information about herpes causes much of the frustration among its sufferers. One major perplexity is why herpes recurs, sometimes after lying dormant for months or even years. Stress can reactivate the illness. It may just feed upon itself and create a vicious cycle.

Those who have herpes can do little but try to control the negative emotions and stress that often trigger attacks. Many herpes patients use yoga, Transcendental Meditation, biofeedback, hypnosis, talk therapy or simply imaging. The placebo effect is so strong that sixty percent of patients treated with any technique are going to get better. This balming of the sore by the psyche may be the best palliative. Once anger and aggression are dealt with, a herpes sufferer can develop the kind of psychological calm that makes recurrences milder and rarer.


Most manage that within six months. Given the appropriate information, ninety percent of herpes sufferers will adjust after the initial crisis. For some patients, progress depends on a change of attitude, from victim to manager. They have this problem, but they feel they have it under control and can handle it mainly by taking care of their body and mind. People who have herpes shouldn’t downgrade themselves. That is a useful reminder: herpes is only as devastating as a patient allows it to be. After the first bout, pain is usually less severe.

The herpes virus can be subdued without drugs, by applying positive thinking. Indeed, herpes is so dependent on mood and emotion that once a sufferer regains self-confidence, many outbreaks can be tamed and managed. An enormous number of people have to live with having the disease, but it doesn’t consume them. Resistance to all major herpes treatments, such as acyclovir, vidarabine and foscarnet, has been increasingly observed, especially amongst those immuno-compromised. These observations underscore the critical importance of natural and safe treatment for herpes.

Plant medicine is new, highly effective alternative antiviral agent for herpes treatment. The antiviral properties of medicinal plant extracts particularly for herpes treatment have received considerable attention on a global scale. Application of this antiviral treatment inhibits and kills the herpes virus, making it an important and versatile remedy for home use in the fight against herpes. This treatment provides maximum and rapid penetration of antiviral agents into cell membranes without damaging human cells. Plant medicine is a potent anti-herpes agent vital in the treatment of herpes.

Plant medicine is also for suppressive therapy to help stop the virus from traveling to the surface of the skin. It stays in the skin and system longer, has slower evaporation. Its antiviral nature helps block receptor sites of the herpes virus and assists immune function. Plant medicine can be an all natural antiviral dietary supplement for the treatment of herpes. The extracts in this supplement provide an antiviral systemic effect. They act as an immunostimulant, enhancing immunological, serumal and cellular defense mechanism.

Plant medicine has produced spectacular results above other potential herpes cures in eliminating herpes outbreaks in almost all known cases of use on herpes. It is possibly the most powerful and effective herpes treatment. These herpes treatments are also valuable to help end the vicious cycle of outbreaks by directly attacking the virus population, strengthening the immune system, and lifting emotions. Its natural formula makes it the safest, and most cost-effective treatment for herpes available today. To learn more, please go to

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