Learning the Fallacies about Botox Before Getting One in Los Angeles



Do you feel bad whenever you see wrinkles and facial lines when you face the mirror? Why not consider Botox, a breakthrough in the field of cosmetic surgery, which is meant to remedy facial blemishes that can make you look older than your age? You\’ll find myths that normally deter several men and women from undergoing the treatment. Below are some of the fallacies regarding Botox that must be already dismissed.

Botox is a harmful remedy. Since 1987, Botox has been utilized as a cosmetic surgery treatment for removing facial lines. It has been employed for millions of procedures just about every year and there were no significant negative effects reported. This makes Botox valuable and not actually a unsafe treatment. It can only be unsafe if it is administered by an untrained and unlicensed cosmetic surgeon to perform such treatment.

Botox will eliminate your facial expressions. On the contrary, the effects of Botox injections are not like those depicted in films. Muscular balance in the face may be achieved by injecting little doses into the regions of the face that need to have remedy. With the proper administration of Botox by a trained surgeon, it is possible to get rid of those facial lines and wrinkles, without the compromised facial expressions.


Botox is often addictive. Contrary to common belief, the drug utilized in

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clinics have does not bring any form of physiological addiction to people. How can it bring such type of effect if the drug itself is not even lasting? Botox only lasts for a maximum of three months and so patients tend to undergo the treatment more than once to maintain the face s youthful look. Philosophically, the want for perfection is probably the addictive aspect of Botox and not really the drugs injected into the face.

Botox are only for people above 30 years of age. A

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procedure is often administered to people who are no less than 18 years old. People under 30 can undergo Botox, as long as they\’re great candidates for the procedure. Cosmetic surgeons will decide just how much a patient needs to have the \”beauty shot\” through assessments and consultations.

Botox is utilized only to take away facial lines. Though Botox became well-known by way of its cosmetic use, it may also be applied for medical purposes as approved by the FDA. Botox has been proven effective for treating migraine, back pain, muscle spasms, crossed eyes, along with other conditions, just like a

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operation which is equally good, but may well have limited uses. Presently, Botox is being investigated and developed for a number of other applications, including treatment for depression.

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