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The Selling HP Client Virtualization Solutions exam is for individuals who qualify as sales professionals for HP and Partner. The best audience suited for this test is the individuals who possess great knowledge of working with HP Workstations Portfolio.

Prerequisite experience

The HP2-H32 Selling HP Client Virtualization Solutions exam only requires a minor qualification before appearing in the exam. Each candidate appearing for the exam must have experience of at least a year of placing or implementing HP Workstations Solutions as the HP2-H32 Questions and Answers might be based on a certain level of knowledge that can be of the industry standard, obtained through a training experience of operating certain software or field experience gained in other prior events.

More about the exam

The HP2-H32 Exam Preparation Material consists of a total of 50 questions which are multiple choice questions, but the answer to which can be either one or multiple options. The time required to solve the test is 75 minutes and the passing score is 70%.

Topics covered by the Selling HP Client Virtualization Solutions exam

It covers the following topics. The percentage determines the amount of questions each topic will contain compared to the other. It also determined the weight each topic carries in the test. They are as follows:

1. 20% – Effective Positioning of the Family of Workstations and Business Desktops

Identifying the correct product or solution based on the needs and wishes of the customer.

Persuading customers on the fact that desktops and workstations usually meet separate needs.

Understanding the key criteria for customer decision.


Applying the main features of Workstations and HP Personal Computers to proposition of sales.

Matching the various needs of the customer to the right tool.

2. 26% – Workstation Awareness of a Family Level Product

What are the offers by HP Personal Workstations?

The audience for selling workstations.

Methods of selling HP Personal Workstations.

Communicating and leveraging the key criteria of customer decision.

Applying the main features of HP Personal Workstations for propositions of sales.

Leveraging the attach options for completion of a solution

Communication of the benefits of HP Personal Workstations to customers.

3. 22% – Awareness of a Mobile Workstation Product

Main selling features of HP Mobile Workstation Series.

Audience for selling HP Mobile Workstations.

Communicating and leveraging the main product differentiators and features.

Communication of the advantages over competition of the HP Mobile Workstations.

4. 20% – Selling of Displayed for HP Performance

Communicating the HP Performance Displays definition.

Recognizing the industry and market trends that are used for supporting the sales of HP Performance Displays.

Differentiation of HP Performance Displays from the Mainstream Displays.

Presenting the main technology, reliability benefits and productivity and to the customer.

Identifying the suitable HP Performance Display depending upon the value chain and workflow needs of the customer.

Attaching the HP Performance Display which is better for every product sale of the computer.

Applying the main selling points for each product for various sales opportunities.

Positioning HP Performance Displays in the competitive sales area effectively.

5. 12% Selling the HP Workstations Value

Solving the problems the customer has by selling or suggesting the right systems into the situation of the customer.

Use HP workstation ROI for creating value statements that are more powerful.

Interpreting and responding to customer objections appropriately.

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