Water providing companies have evolved from simple water treatment facilities to over-all water utility management services. Water utility services cover a broad scope, ranging from water treatment to water meter installation and utility sub metering to automated meter reading to data management and even to utility billing services.

Water treatment services focuses on providing sustainable water for multiple uses such as drinking, industrial purposes and more. This is done by reducing or eliminating water impurities, from physical processes such as settling and filtration, to disinfecting with the use of non-toxic chemicals such as chlorine which is treating excessive minerals off water and managing corrosive water. On the other hand, water treatment comes with waste water treatment where used water is reprocessed to reduce environmental damage caused by polluted water. Water reclamation, as it may otherwise be known, is a process of regaining polluted water.

Meter Installation as part of the provided services keeps track of the water consumption incurred by different establishments. Most water service companies have established contracts with the housing industry thus providing meter installation to individual houses and developments. Considering the broad scope of services offered, meter installations to multiple homes include water submetering services, which is a system developed to reduce billing costs by eradicating water waste; keeping private individuals’ fees from rising together with increasing city rates.

Utility management services oversee the water consumption of every home. The radio tagged water meters accurately and automatically send daily readings not only on water use but also on maintenance issues like leaks, extreme water consumption and more. This system keeps track of which establishment has incurred maintenance issues due to old leaking pipes to damages caused by corrosive water, and reports it for data management to billing services. The utility services regulate water pressure, as well, in order to lessen the impact of water consumption on individual billings. This service also includes sending billing statements and collection of payments.

Water utility management services focuses on the refined manner of responsibly managing, metering and treating of water. It aids in reasonable billing systems by reducing water consumption cost through the mix of multiple management systems, starting from water treatment to wastewater treatment. Such services provide overall water catering services from installation down to the payment of bills, reducing effort and time-consumption and adding efficiency for the clients. It also provides refined solutions to a number of issues regarding water consumption and conservation, water treatment and metering, and management services.

ABT Water Management, known for quality water utility management services, concerns itself with water consumption for the sake of its clients.

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